Historical Inspiration

Mena Group was incorporated in 1979 in Alexandria.

The logo and name of a company has a historical “royal” meaning. It depicts a well-known “signature” of the first legendary king Mena – a double crown, who banded together and formed two kingdoms – Upper and Lower Egypt.

Chairman Note

We thank to all our clients for the trust and honest word of mouth which has built company solid reputation in the market throughout the past 40 years. Every one of you has indeed contributed to success and history, we established under the Mena’s name.

In all of Mena projects, residents are privileged to experience a lifestyle that is incomparable to anywhere else with regards to quality of living among other aspects. This has made more and more people strive to become Mena residents and their feedback continues to be the main source of inspiration for even more successful projects to come.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
and the CEO of Mena Group
Gasser Fawzy


We believe in people's dreams and appreciate thoughts and fantasy; we make it possible to live in remarkable communities as we always aim for developing a better tomorrow for the next generations.


Mena Group is committed to provide distinctive and diversified real estate projects in select core markets. Innovative and high-end developments will create an added value and ensure client satisfaction. This will be achieved by developing customer oriented high quality service internationally by the excellence of our work force and operating to the high ethical standards.


A Company With Unique Status

Mena Group for Constructions and Trading is considered to be a pioneer as it was:

  • The first private sector company that took part in touristic projects in the North Coast – built Mena Touristic villages followed by a series of well-known North Coast Mena Villages (Mena 1, Mena 2)
  • The first to enter the field of resorts and recreation. Provided a new elite class project – Bustan Mena in King Mariout.
  • The first founders of shopping mall in Alexandria – Mena Trade Center in Ibrahimiyah.

Throughout the nineties and into the next decade Mena Group had improved new business lines, and expanded geographically. The company successfully develops and markets a number of commercial, residential and mixed-use projects in the region.

The growth of Mena can be attributed to company philosophy and experience. The team of Mena Group works with the philosophy of “3 milestones – high quality, safety and convenience” which creates its’ integrity and dynamics.